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After Christmas I visited Cambridge and learned more about the University of Cambridge. And also the best book shop ever – Heffers. This bookseller has everything! ALL kind of literature, just imagine since it is situated in one of world´s leading university towns.

I found interview questions the candidates get when applying at this university. And here is an interesting point... Although you have best grade there is no guarantee you will be one of the 2,5% getting in. - No! - It is a question of making you THINK!

Questions like, “ Will this bag ever be empty? Why do human beings have two eyes? Does a computer have conscience?” Cambridge forces the students to open their mind and rethink matters.

This is what I missed during my Master studies both in Finland and Sweden – the delight in thinking! It was more an issue of producing than questioning.

I think studies in all creative educations should include Philosophy as a compulsory subject. I believe in the strength of creative thinking and my own interest for philosophy was born in Denmark during my exchange at Aarhus School of Architecture in 1995. Professors from Aarhus University gave lectures in Philosophy at my department (had a perfect name - Department X). And teachers were more interested in the process than the final result.

Thanks to this, I today in my daily work open up my mind and let the context talk to me.

So to rethink and challenge can´t be more than a successful way of educating. That 81 Nobel Prize winners have graduated from University of Cambridge tell us something!

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