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RISTIKARI - innovative property case

The residence of a bilingual school has been a beautiful building, built in the beginning of 20th century, also for education purpose, but too small for today´s use. This building has been a landmark of this part of city Jakobstad for decades.

This proposal and vision preserve the majesty of this historical school building. All required extensions underline its character. Therefore the new kindergarten is situated at the back yard, but also to get privacy with an own outdoor space, terrace and access. Its architecture refers to a stable row of historical epochs .

The multifunctional sport hall requires big space and height. It is situated slightly in front of the historical building, as a subterranean extension, to not disturb the area and the main architecture. The roof of the recessed sport hall works as an outdoor gallery for school and other events outside. A nice courtyard element protected from wind and equipped with the best outdoor conditions.

The existing building has a traditional structure and construction. With small changes will classrooms be created as room in room spaces and even with relaxing zones. Multipurpose use and structural functions support the pupils from age of 4 to 11 to feel comfortable, de-attached from the parking lots on the edge of the site.

The main building, the kindergarten and the multipurpose hall are connected by big transparent dining area. It also supports the hall by accommodating public events within culture and sport.

This concept also presents a proposal of property economy, then the arrangement can strain the budget of Town. The concept includes an idea of keeping the extended dining area and multifunctional hall as a building enterprise and an ownership by an external contractor. Also the first floor of the existing building including the kitchen could be part of that ownership. Therefore all public indoor spaces are concentrated to the first floor and also enable a practical use of the buildings outside school activities. The concentration of public activities and people also help the maintenance of the property like cleaning during events and evenings.

This is not just a school building. It is a multifunctional contribution to the citizens, a result of activating and synergizing the property, economy and philosophy.

This concept was committed as a proposal to an invitation by the town of Jakobstad / Pietarsaari in 2016, a contribution of program, visions and architecture for Språkbadsskolan / Kielikylpykoulu.

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