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A sport active dentist aimed to move in to a former dentist reception. He also wanted nature to move in.

The entrance space was dominated by a stair shaft with a wall texture from the 80s. The space for the waiting room was minimized. So as the schedule.

How rethink the wall texture, the nature and the athletic dentist?


By green!

Green as relaxing colour and green as a theme. The wall texture was painted and infiltrated with a green space carpet. This one got a pin hole in the corner for the (also) golf active dentist but mainly for the customer to focus on.

A module constructed background as a negative print of grass was including the wardrobe and side tables.

Tranquility was achieved by clean details and completed with a tailor-made aquarium and no use of skirting. The context was fulfilled with Fritz Hansen chairs - for the scale suitable and even with an odontologic character.

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