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A young man visted office and asked if he can build anything at all at a site he had found.

Of course I sad! Although the site was really demanding in many aspects – but very interesting!

The site was a narrow pitched meadow situated in a dwelling area from 70’s and 80´s. With its main direction facing north, not the best conditions for a finnish climate and not then one of the customer´s main criteria was a terracce!


A detailed reseach of the terrain started to shape the architecture into three parts following the slope. Strict regulations also effected on the facade openings and indirectly on the room program. The main issue was the surrounded nature and to integrate into the architecture including interior. This was fullfilled by big windows and with the material and colour palette. ”The house has landed in the middle of blueberry forest.”

No grass to cut, partly plastered facade and home cinema were client´s  whises and these were realized - with a bonus of natural light and indirect artifical light underlining an urban and private house at the forest lane.

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