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100m2 living area including a work studio was the task.


The site was almost a forgotten narrow enclosed field for horses – between a genuine wooden house area and a dwelling house with pure functionalism (the only one in the area).The surrounding elements are a natural part of the garden as the wooden classic fence and as the low wall in concrete that continues the functionalism in front of the main facade along the main street.


The space has a maximized volume, received by concentrating the functions. A controlled room height allows a working space on the loft on the top of the bedroom and dressing room. Big windows open up the space and a tall window brings a view of heaven. A multifunctional wall is the core of the open common space, it is a combination of a bookshelf, fire place and stairs to the loft.

The facade material is wood panel painted in white and stained black in order to keep it in line with the neigborhood. The garden is well structured and a pergola path guides you between the two accesses to the site. Both genuine designed.

A helmet with everything in the middle of something. Hard to believe the living area is only 100m2 – it feels almost double!

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