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A pure helmet from the 50´s would be inhabited with Finnish classical Artek furniture. And with a lot of students - this was a case within the program of construction workers - and for them detail understanding.


The aristocratic character of the house with sequences of rooms was blessed. The palette of the new interior underlined the origin of the dwelling house and birch furniture of Artek.

Purity was achieved by for that decade typical materials as linoleum carpet, birch parquet and stone. Also the scale of interior equipment and dimensions were thoroughly studied.

The golden lead glasses moved into the interior by the lightings – a reflection in champagne achieved the same spirit of light. Another detail, as the Artek´s pattern “Sienna”, moved in to the vent in the kitchen countertop.

Doors were restored and tailor-made. Skilled after architect´s drawings – a modern reconstruction of the 50´s and todays details. Also these following the script and achieving pureness - It is all about details!

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