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A total make over of a shop and its visual profile of a brand within mobile technology. A space where this kind of company act, has to correspond to the on going development and be contemporary. And most of all flexible! The flexibility was received by open space and shop floor, as the adaptable inner ceiling. The ambitions were high and the task was to create future, consisting of innovative and creative solutions both within interior and building technology.


The renovation of the property also brought back the pure retail building from the 60´s both in retail and lighting design but also as a part of the urban space.

The character of the inner ceiling is one of a kind – standard products in a new way of assembling. Free hanging sound absorbers are completed with 26 meters long suspended lighting levers including bars for spotlights. The angled absorbers also have indirect light and the whole ceiling gives the space a magnificent character. All fixtures are LED and steered by a Dali system.

All retail furniture are planned and custom made for this shop. The very tight time schedule was doable because choice of local entrepreneurs and most of all their understanding for the architect´s details!


The project was a co-operation with Arkkitehtitoimisto Tommi Varis. Project was published in VALO-magazine 01/2015

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