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The limited resources of the work environment have helped architect Ann Charlott Hästö to develop her own working method, contextual thinking. How to use the resources we have, how to maximize? What is needed? What is the entrepreneur's knowledge? Where can we reduce, not to maintain the value of architecture? This is a method that she sees as a tool in both planning and decision-making processes. Contextual thinking takes into account, in addition to budget and agenda, producer, manufacturer and supplier already in the planning process. By anchoring decisions in this context, it is a unique, sustainable and long-term issue.


Architect and visionary Ann Charlott Hästö talks about what happens when the creator becomes an entrepreneur? She says "As an architect I have realized how much of my properties I can implement within business. I have benefited greatly from combining artistry with entrepreneurship. Simply an added value where 1 + 1 = 3. This  I often add to the field of social progress. And above all, my responsibility is to find a way to reach the audience, often as the only creator of the assembly. 

Ann Charlott was a speaker at the seminar "When business meets art", arranged by the Finish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce at Swedish Embassy 6th of February 2019. 

This is a video extract of her speech.

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