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HOME away from home

How can I as an architect, designer, visionary contribute? How can I help people that had to escape from their homes?

What could be the first needs when you are away from where your heart lives?

I would like to have an own space,

a shelter where I can be with my dearest ones - my family,

My contribution is an easy build module. Very competitive and easy to fulfill!

A package with bars – crafted by other refugees. Activated and participating in a bigger context.

You open and assemble it yourself. You build your own home. The framework is made of plywood, natural and recyclable. Plywood is left over material from the furniture industry, for example IKEA. The metaphor is the finish birch woods – tranquil and protecting. Bigger bars make the base and the rest of the lamellas make the wall, the divider. The horisontal bars can also be used for storage.

Either 2,9 m2 where you can sleep, eat and store your things or by connecting 2 or more modules together resulting in “a space in a space”. This principle can also be applied within other extreme conditions, like earthquakes.

These modules for initial accommodation I would like to integrate in already existing properties.

Instead of building totally new refugee camps these modules are integrated in already existing properties and refugees are naturally integrated in the society. This initial accommodation takes places in many of European vacant public buildings, office buildings, industrial halls. And especially in private family houses, like a garage, attic, or bigger room. Time and cost saving solution.

An architectural integration with a social aspect.

ACH entry to the competition within the subject REFUGEE CHALLENGE arranged by the organisation WHAT DESIGN CAN DO - an international platform of the impact of design. An own result of a longer process where I had thought about to help the refugee stream and to integrate them in the society from the first beginning.

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