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A picture is worth a thousand words.

In this picture I wanted the photo to describe and reflect my own identity, me as an architect but also my way of working and thinking.

I catch the identity and create unique wholes specifically made for the project based on its context. This way of working considers all my productions. Besides architecture it can be an interior, a product or styling (as here).

This reflects me as a visionary and a female architect. I love unique clothes, shoes and hats, sometimes just found at flea market.

I look into the future, wearing my favorite Vuokko wool dress bought for some few euros and my old leather boots from Hope Sthlm. And a black hat.

The place is a not a coincidence. A natural choice because its contemporary and historical architecture, and in coexistence with nature.

For me architecture is a result of many fields. Behind the camera is a student of photo art, making her practice at ACH and catching my identity.

Let the picture speak – timeless and unique – as my doings.

(This text is too short for 1000 words, but count the characters.....)

Photo: Beate Berntsen

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